Hall of Fame

The Cal Women’s Rugby Hall of Fame was established in 2014 to honor Alumni and Coaches that have had outstanding achievements and accomplishments, and have made significant contributions to the Cal Women’s Rugby Team.  Without their efforts, the team would not be what it is today.

Hall of Fame Criteria

  • Exemplified the model athlete/coach in performance on and off the field
  • Furthered the success of the team, left the club better than we he/she found it
  • Is an ambassador for the Cal Women’s Rugby legacy
  • Contributes to the growth of women’s rugby and works to broaden opportunities for young women to play the sport at a competitive level.


2014 – Ellen Owens, Cal Women’s Rugby Coach from 1998-2013 and Director of Rugby from 2013-2015

2015 – Emily Nugent, Cal Women’s Rugby Alumnae Group President

2016 – Irene Gardner, USA 7s Women’s National Team

2017- Katie Chou

2018- Heather Lockwood